ShearLITE trauma shears combine 4 tools into 1.

This allows patients to be assessed faster and minimizes the need for extra gear in your medic bag.

  • LED trauma shears for low-light conditions.
  • Integrated 2-6mm pupil gauge for pupillary assessment.
  • 1-3cm scale, converting our trauma shears into a caliper for wound measurement.
  • General purpose medical examination light.

-Military, Tactical Medicine, TCCC    -EMT, Firefighter, First Responder    -Backcountry/Wilderness Medicine

-Military, Tactical Medicine, TCCC

-EMT, Firefighter, First Responder

-Backcountry/Wilderness Medicine

ShearLITE Trauma Shears by Austere Environments LLC

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  • Ultra bright white LED constructed from aircraft aluminum with oversized on/off twist action.
  • 3D printed polymer light mount with integrated 2-6mm pupil gauge.
  • Glow strip allows users to easily locate their shears in low light environments.
  • 1/2" split ring serves as a lanyard attachment point.
  • Aluminum set screw securely attaches LED mount onto a set of our high quality 7.5" stealth black trauma shears.

ShearLITE trauma shears for wound measurement

LED trauma shears for military, SOF, TEMS, Firefighter


  1. Simply hover the blade tips over the surface that needs to be measured.
  2. Note where the top shear blade intersects the light mount.
  3. Use the 3 interior holes on the light mount to get an approximate measurement in centimeters.

*Never allow the blade tips to make contact with the wound surface. Should be used as a tool for approximation only.

ShearLITE trauma shears for pupillary assessment

LED pupil gauge


  1. Use the 2-6mm pupil gauge on the light mount to compare patient's pupil size (should be measured using normal room lighting).
  2. To measure reactivity, turn the light on and move from the side of the eye towards the pupil. Use the light beam to “splash” the light source from the side of the eye, never directly into the pupil.
LED trauma shears with pupil light

ShearLITE LED trauma shears

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Our patent pending design creates a well-lit cutting surface in even the darkest of conditions

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